Oslo in comments

Ivars Vilkens Ivars Vilkens from Laimite before WCC 2007
We are definately not the best team but on the other hand our team is great and we have the chance to do it even though we are not the highest placed according to the World Ranking. We have great players and we believe in it.

Lars Erik Svensson from Umea BHK before WCC 2007
Enköping is my favourite but it is also about who you are going to meet in the play off. The swedish teams are good teams but there are also others.
Lars Erik Svensson

Anette Engel Anette Engel from Fremad Eagles about the women final
I cannot say it was my toughest final but I had a title in Oslo to defend and this time there was a real final which was great and I think we had some great matches. Anne Grethe was really tough in match number 2 and 4.

Frederik Johansson about the possibility of playing Euro 2008
You can be well-trained which I feel I am right now but if you miss the energy and the motivation of winning and inspiration it is not a good idea to participate. If I am having the inspiration it is not impossible that I will go for qualifying to the European Championships 2008.
Frederik Johansson

Atis Silis Atis Silis who finished as number 44 in the tournament
I have no comment at all about this tournament.

Petr Tmej from THC Stiga Svitavy 93
I am very satisfied. I was playing good also in the semifinals against Edgars Caics. Though Edgars is a very great player. It was very tough against him but I was a part of the game. I suppose I am right now the 2nd best player in Czech Republic after Lukas Turon of course.
Petr Tmej

Andreas Aman Andreas Aman about the 1/8-finals against his team mate from Enköping Stefan Edwall
You can quote me for saying that I expected to win with 4-0 against him (said with a smile) About WCC Andreas was one of them saying that Enköping had a great chance to win the title....and they did.

Dag Roar Nilsen (legendary player from Norway)
I believe people are satisfied with our tournament. We have arranged tournaments for many years now and the important thing is to keep the time schedule and we almost did. It has been a great weekend with the best tablehockey in the world.
Dag Roar Nilsen

Bernard Rjavec Bernard Rjavec from Slovenia
I don´t know what to write at my postcard. I have so many things in my head but it has been a good tournament. I am satisfied with my games even though I lost some matches I should not have lost.

Thomas Hausknecht from Germany
My son tells me: Dad, please stop making your centermoves and start to play tablehockey.
Thomas Hausknecht

This text was prepared by Bjarne Axelsen and published by Stanislav Kraus.