Thursday the 12th of January 2012

Dear tablehockey leaders


First thank you very much for the great job you are doing for tablehockey by organizing tournaments and being the leaders of your national federations.

It is a pleasure to see the great work from especially the many and very important local organizers of tablehockey.
I love to play tablehockey and to visit both the biggest and most prestigious spots on the ITHF World Tablehockey Tour but also smaller tournaments in many of your countries and I hope to do this a lot more in future when my time, job and family are allowing me to do this.


I have decided to resign as the president of ITHF in September 2012.


The main reason for resigning is that ITHF needs new energy to future jobs.
Some federations are expecting ITHF to develope tablehockey into a worldwide sport with a lot of money and transmissions in TV Channels.
ITHF needs new leaders with a lot of time in order to reach these goals.

In my opinion the basic jobs of ITHF is to co-ordinate the WTHT Calendar. The main job for the national organizers and federations is to plan their tournament thorougly with the exact city, venue and date and to make a playing system and a time schedule before asking ITHF to sanction the tournament as a part of ITHF World Tablehockey Tour in order to avoid incidents with changed cities, venues and dates which is irritating.


A president of ITHF must in my opinion be realistic, have the time to get things done, have a lot of patience, have the ability to regard things from a neutral point-of-view and act in this way, be able to communicate with both big and small nations and not use the power for personal benefits.


My last working day as the president will be September 12, 2012.

My suggestion is that ITHF will arrange an extraordinary delegates conference after European Championships 2012 in order to elect a new Executive Committee. It could be at the beginning of September 2012.

I hope all candidates will ask themselves whether they want to make a real job in the Executive Committee instead of just being there with their name.
I am ready to candidate to ITHF as the World Tour Manager, having the responsability for coordinating first with the organizers of ITHF WTHT Big 6 and after this coordinate with the other organizers of World Tour in order to make a great ITHF Calendar also in future. I find this a very important job.

I would now recommend the most ambitious tablehockey nations to take responsability in the work for ITHF instead of just being spectators.


Kindly regards
Bjarne Axelsen