World Club Championships (WCC) Rules


1            Host of the tournament


1.1         The host of WCC must send an application to ITHF at least one month before the Delegates Conference shall decide by voting who the organizer shall be

1.2         The hosts of WCC will be decided for the next 2 seasons by voting at the Delegates Conference in uneven years.


2            Organization of the tournament


2.1         ITHF Tournament Rules and Playing Rules must be followed during the tournament


2.2         Referees

2.2.1      The organizer must send a list of referees to the ITHF Executive Committee at least one week before the tournament will be held.

2.2.2      The ITHF Executive Committee can suggest and demand changes in this list.

2.2.3      It is recommended that the Referee Committee is consisting of 3 referees and 2 substitutes.

2.2.4      It is recommended that the referees are coming from different countries.

2.2.5      All referees must be able to express themselves in a clear and understandable English.


2.3         Participants

2.3.1      The 3 best teams of ITHF World Ranking Clubs on the date exactly 2 months before the tournament are qualified directly.

2.3.2      Every member federation of ITHF has the right to send one team to the tournament.

2.3.3      The organizer of the tournament has moreover 3 wildcards, that can be used both for teams from the host country and for teams from other countries.

2.3.4      If there are still places in tournament they will be given to teams written on the waiting list starting with one place to the best country at ITHF World Ranking Nations and after this one place to the nation placed number 2 and then one place to nation number 3 etc.  This process will start again with the nation placed number 1 at ITHF World Ranking Nations if there are still places in the tournament after every member federation has had the offer for the first time.

2.3.5      The clubs are invited by the organizers at least 60 days before the tournament through an invitation send to the national member federation.

2.3.6      The clubs must inform at least 30 days before the tournament whether they will participate or not. A team can consist of 4 (four) to 8 (eight) players. The names must be provided to organizer together with confirmation of participation in the tournament. Line up is 4 players.

2.3.7. The national representative is asked to confirm this to the organising committee.


2.4         Playing System

2.4.1      The seedings to Basic Groups are based on the placement on World Ranking Open for the 3 best players in the team.

2.4.2      The participating clubs will be distributed into 2 basic groups according to their seeding using the “snake” system so that if having 2 basic groups the team seeded 1, 4, 5, 8 etc will be placed in Basic Group A.

              The teams seeded 2, 3, 6, 7 etc. will be placed in Basic Group B.  Every team shall have an equal chance to be the home team and to choose games.  The away team have the right to choose the side of the game.

2.4.3      The 4 best teams in every basic group will continue to Quarterfinals of Play Off.

2.4.4      In Quarterfinals the teams play according to this schedule:  Quarterfinal 1: Number 1 from Basic Group A – Number 4 from Basic Group B  Quarterfinal 2: Number 2 from Basic Group B – Number 3 from Basic Group A  Quarterfinal 3: Number 2 from Basic Group A – Number 3 from Basic Group B  Quarterfinal 4: Number 1 from Basic Group B – Number 4 from Basic Group A

2.4.5      In Semifinals the teams play according to this schedule:  The Winner of Quarterfinal 1 – The Winner of Quarterfinal 2  The Winner of Quarterfinal 3 – The Winner of Quarterfinal 4

2.4.6      The organizer can ask ITHF in advance for permission to use another playing system.

2.4.7      If several teams cancel their participation very late ITHF may allow the organizer to change the playing system.  Permission to change the playing system may only be given by the ITHF Executive Committee.


3.           Conclusion


3.1         Responsible for following every rule are these bodies

3.1.1      National representatives of the organizing country

3.1.2      Present members of ITHF Executive Committee

3.1.3      The tournaments Referee Committee