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XXXIV Kids Cup of Saint-Petersburg #1
Date 17.09.2023
Series St. Petersburg Cup Kids
City St. Petersburg
Web -
Participants 28
Level 6
Value 227

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.647.-Artem Bushuev-Russia59
2.1739.+23Ivan Alexeev-Russia27
3.1745.+329Maxim Nikitin-Russia26
4.1762.+247Igor Khotimtsov-Russia25
5.1760.+1Ivan Pimenov-Russia24
6.2305.+249Saveliy Korotaevskiy-Russia23
7.4961.+1754Egor Lazutin-Russia22
8.NEW-Alexey Panevin-Russia21
9.2568.+253Roman Tjumenev-Russia20
10.NEW-Timofey Voronin-Russia19
11.NEW-Stepan Kornyshev-Russia18
12.4801.+1438Kirill Sirotenko-Russia17
13.NEW-Daniil Maslennikov-Russia16
14.NEW-Luka Olenberger-Russia15
15.2836.+252Oleg Hotimtsov-Russia14
16.NEW-David Gevorkjan-Russia13
17.NEW-Pavel Evsjunin-Russia12
18.NEW-Alexander Belov-Russia11
19.NEW-Georgiy Vinogradov-Russia10
20.NEW-Kirill Romanov-Russia9
21.NEW-Petr Evsjunin-Russia8
22.NEW-Snezhana Krasikova-Russia7
23.5142.+823Nikita Borisov-Russia6
24.NEW-Ilja Rudin-Russia5
25.NEW-Polina Rubajlova-Russia4
26.NEW-Tikhon Berezhnoy-Russia3
27.NEW-Matvey Pjatkov-Russia2
28.NEW-Dmitriy Ratjuk-Russia1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran