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Dear, journalist!
Skoda Auto Philips
Stiga Games

You come to Riga to enjoy top class ice hockey and of course inform about all this readers of your newspaper, magazine or internet portal, watchers of your TV channel or listeners of your radio channel.

BUT! You do not have to work all the time! You can play also hockey!

Security is not allowing you to play on ice of “Arena Riga”?

Come and play at Škoda Auto and Philips Table hockey tournament for journalists working at Ice Hockey World Championship Riga 2006.

This will be restoration of previously traditional table hockey tournament sponsored by Škoda Auto.

Also it is significant that this tournament will be restored in Riga, Latvia. Latvia is not only famous with their noisy and ice hockey loving fans,but Latvia is the first country in the world where table hockey is recognized by country officials as sport.

This year table hockey tournament is sponsored by “Karlo Motors”, the official dealer of Škoda Auto in Latvia, Philips and Stiga, but organized by the Latvian Table Hockey Federation, the member of the International Table Hockey Federation.

Sponsors of tournament will provide prizes for the best 18 players. For all players Latvian beer and snacks will be available.

Prizes for best 4 players:

Philips TV 26 LCD Philips TV 26" LCD, 1366×768, HD ready, S-VHS+2Scarti+RCA+HDMI, Digital Crystal Clear (26PF5321/12)

Philips DVD Micro Theatre, Play DVD, DivX, (S)VCD, MP3-CD, WMA-CD, CD(RW) and Picture CD. (MCD708/12)

Philips DivX DVD Player, Playes: Movies- DVD, DVD+R/RW, (S)VCD, DivX, MPEG4; Music- CD, MP3-CD, CD-R/RW, WMA; Photos- Picture CD (JPEG) (DVP5900/12)

Philishave SmartTouch-XL Electric Washable shaver, The Best Shaver from the World`s No. 1. (HQ 9190)
Philips DVD Micro Theatre   Philips DivX DVD Player   Philishave SmartTouch-XL
Stiga "Play-Off" table hockey game for every player of top18.

44 players from 12 countries (Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovakia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Switzerland, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Kazakhstan and Sweden) are registered for the tournament.

Tournament will take place in

Latvian Olympic Centre

Conference Room (2nd floor)

Schedule of the tournament:

May 14
10:00 - 10:45 - confirmation of participation
10:00 - 10:50 - warm up
11:00 - 13:00 – Preliminary round (results: Groups A, Groups B, Groups C)

May 15
9:45 - 10:10 - confirmation of participation
9:45 - 10:15 - warm up
10:20 - 11:40 – Final groups (results: Final A, Final B)
11:45 - 14:00* - Play-Offs (results: Play-off) and prize awarding ceremony (Standing)
*- may finish sooner, depending of play-offs

Tournament in pictures

Participants of final groups

Semifinals of the tournament

1st place: Igor Saveljev (EST)

2nd place: Robert Zaruba (CZE)

3rd place: Maris Zembergs (LAT)

Invitation to the tournament

Regulations of tournament

Playing rules

All registered players will play preliminary round.
Players will be seeded into 3 groups.

The best 6 players of each group will qualify into final round.

Final round will start with games in 2 groups - 9 players per group.
The best 4 players of each group will quality into Play-Offs.

Play-Off will be played starting from 1/4 finals in series the best of 5 (up to 3 wins of one player).

For each win in game player will receive 2 points, for draw – 1 point and no point for lost game.

Tie breaking formula:
    If two players are tied on equality of points in the standings, the following tie breaking criteria applies:

      1. Head-to-head (mutual) games between the teams concerned.

      2. Goal differential.

      3. Higher number of goals scored for.

      4. “Sudden death” or drawing.

    If three or more players have the same number of points in the group, then their ranking shall be determined by higher number of points in a special standing composed just from the results of their head-to-head (mutual) games. If the number of points is equal between the three or more players in this special standing just from the results of their head-to-head (mutual) games, than the same tie breaking criteria as above applies.

Play-Off formula:

1/4 finals:
1st place of final group A (A1) - 4th place of final group B (B4)
A2 - B3
A3 - B2
A4 - B1

Winner of (A1-B4) - Winner of (A3-B2)
Winner of (A2-B3) - Winner of (A4-B1)

Final for 3rd place:
Losers of semifinals

Final for 1st place:
Winners of semifinals

More information about tournament

in Press Center, on internet

Romans Blumentals, LTHF, mob. +371 2 929 31 13

Ilmars Bricis, “Karlo Motors”, mob. +371 2 921 34 03

Tournament is organized by
International Table Hockey Federation          Latvian Table Hockey Federation