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Past tournaments
Czech Open 2007, Pilsen, 5th May 2007 The Czech Open 2007 will be the final tournament of the World Table Hockey Tour 2006/2007. It will be held in Plzen, the city in the Western part of the Czech Republic, just 100 km far away from Prague. Plzen can be reached by car from Prague in just 45 minutes. Using the public transportation bus from the international airport in Prague to Plzen takes just 90 minutes and costs just about 3 Euro. The Czech Open 2007 will be held in the dining-hall of the secondary technical school, which is one of the biggest secondary schools in the Pilsener region. The Czech Open 2007 will be held during the 62nd anniversary of the liberation of Pilsen by the United States Army in 1945 - on 5th May. For more information, please visit tournaments webpage.

Berlin Open 2007, 21st April 2007 The 3rd Berlin Open will be held on April 21, 2007 in central Berlin. With previous winner David Smid aiming to reclaim the trophy, is there anyone who can stop him? Already, players from eight countries have registered for what is sure to be a heated contest. The 3rd Berlin Open 2007 offers you a great international table hockey competition with funk and groove. Here, while the players compete, music accentuates the atmosphere and heightens the drama. In the heart of Europe, Berlin enables you to combine the World Table Hockey Tour with the (even more) important things in life: come to Berlin with your friends, and have a fantastic time with a large number of people from all over Europe. For more information, please visit tournaments webpage.

Boston Challenge 2007, Boston, 14th April 2007 We are thrilled to announce the new site and venue for the 2007 Boston Challenge. It will be held in the Athletic Center on the campus of Framingham State College (FSC), Framingham MA., on April 14th. This site is sure to provide the BC organizers and players a comfortable and spacious place to play. From Boston, Framingham is only about 10 miles further than it was to our previous location at F1, but there is adequate and easy public transportation there. With the Stiga World Championships in Moscow only two months after Boston, the competition should be doubly exciting, as players final standings here will most likely determine who gets a berth on Team USA. 66 Players attended last year, the most yet at any North American Stiga event. For more information, please visit tournaments webpage.

Moscow Cup 2007, Moscow, 17th - 18th March 2007 Dear guests. We are happy to see you in Moscow at the VII Moscow Cup which will be held on 17th - 18th March. It will be the first time when it is played in two days. No player had won the tournament twice! And always it was played in modern buildings. Now it will be the new ice-hockey center which was built very short time ago. Don't miss your chance to play with the best tablehockey players and have a good party in restaurant after the tournament. Don't forget that the X World Championship will be played in Moscow too.
Enjoy the tournament! For more information, please visit tournaments webpage.

Bratislava Open, 24th February Bratislava and Budapest are offering you a possibility to experience the table hockey of the highest quality, to win the WTHT tournament and to reach a good result at a significant event. You also have a double opportunity to improve your position in the world ranking. Budapest Open, 25th February The last weekend in February belongs to the Danube weekend, which, in spite of its short history, has achieved a very good reputation. Do not hesitate and experience on your own the magic of the tournaments in the capital cities of Slovakia and Hungary, which are only 220 km away from each other. Detailed information: Bratislava Open 2007, Budapest open 2007.

Swedish Masters 2007, Göteborg, 3rd - 4th February 2007 Modern competitive table hockey started with the Swedish Championships in 1982. Now it's time to celebrate the sport's 25th anniversary, and nothing could be more suitable than doing it by playing the 25th edition of the world's most prestigous tournament - nowadays internationally more known as the Swedish Masters.

And where would be more appropriate to party than in the city where the world's oldest table hockey organization will celebrate it's 20th anniversary? The Swedish table hockey association SBHF was established in 1987 in Göteborg, the second city of Sweden, which will be the centre of the universe (well...) the first weekend of February.

The Swedish table hockey association and Atletico Göteborg welcomes the table hockey world to party! For more information, please visit tournaments webpage.

Las Vegas, 29th January The Let's Play Hockey International Table Hockey Championships presented by Stiga USA in Las Vegas Nevada is being played at the brand new, state- of-the-art South Coast Hotel and Casino, located seven minutes from the famous Las Vegas strip.

This great international table hockey event will be held in conjunction with Doug Johnson's Let's Play Hockey International Exposition Jan 30-31, which has been held in Las Vegas since 1999.

International Table Hockey Championships will be held on Monday, Jan. 29 playing for 500 U.S. cash dollars paid to the champion! Trophies, medals, Stiga games and prizes will be given to the winners of all groups. The first place cash prize will be increased as player registration rises.

For more information, please visit tournaments webpage.

Riga Open, 2nd December Roni Nuttunen (Finland) won the strongest ever Riga Open beating Daniel Wallen (Sweden) 4-1. 3rd place award also went to Finland as Janne Ollila gained victory over host Edgars Caics. 132 players from 9 countries participated at 8th Riga Open. The best players of the tournament received prizes from SONY.

Complete results can be found at the tournaments webpage.

Helsinki Open 2006, 28th October The biggest tablehockey tournament of the year in Finland was held in Helsinki on October 28th.

Roni Nuttunen took his third consecutive title in Helsinki Open beating Ivan Zaharov (Russia) 4-0 in the finals. Bronze medal was won by Konsta Jukka. There were 116 participants in the tournament, which is a new Finnish record.

There was a short report in the Finnish television - take a look. Moreover you can get a magazine (pdf) which was made by the organizers of this tournament.

Complete results can be found at the tournaments webpage.

Canada Challenge 2006, 21st October Pontus Eriksson from Sweden won the fourth edition of the Gatineau Challenge 2006 (now change his name for the Canada Challenge). There were 50 participants. Pontus lost only two matches during the whole tournament and approve position of the big favourite of the tournament. Silver medal was won by Junior Gelinas from Canada and third was Kenny Dubois from the USA.

All results can be found at the tournament web page.

Oslo Open, Norway 30th September 101 players from 10 countries took part in the 11th edition of Oslo Open, the first WTHT Big Six tournament this season. It was held on September 30 at the BLS Conference Center in Central Oslo. Last two World Champions met in the final - Hans Österman beat Daniel Wallén in six games. Third place was shared by Lars Fridell and Pontus Eriksson, who was beaten by Wallén in semifinal after sudden death in the 7th match.
Interestingly this was the first time in WTHT that a player wins two consecutive tournaments, even the first time a player wins two tournaments in one season.
Details can be found at the tournament web page.

Oresund Cup, Copenhagen, Denmark, 16th September Just like 2005 Hans Österman, BHK Mollan Rouge, won Öresund Cup, this year for the first time ever played in the Danish capital, Copenhagen. Österman relativly easy (4-1) defeated his club rival Finn Fries in the final. The legendary Thomas Peterson, probably the fastest player in the world, almost beat Osterman in the semifinal, forcing the reigning champion to a tight seventh match. Together with Pontus Eriksson, another veteran, Petersson ended up as bronze medalist. Jonas Bergstrom and Kalle Bindekrans, both former Swedish junior champions, made strong come backs. Especially Bergstrom impressed with massive attack play; he quite sensational ended up as number five after scoring more goals than all other particapants. 53 players from 8 countries participated in the 23rd edition of Oresund Cup, the biggest tournament ever played in Denmark. Complete results can be found at tournament page.

STIGA U.S. OPEN, Lemont, USA, 29th July The Lemont Table Hockey League's 5th annual STIGA U.S. OPEN was be held on Saturday, July 29th at the spacious Lithuanian World Center in peaceful Lemont, IL. It was the first tournament of the new season of the World Table Hockey Tour. Kenny Dubois won this tournament for the third time in last 4 years. Bernie Kunzler was second and Rob Chargo was third. 42 players participated at this opening WTHT event for the 2006/2007 season.

Details can be found at the tournament web page.

Season 2005/2006

European Championship 2006, Skalica, 2nd-4th June 150 players from 17 countries came to Skalica, Slovakia to play more than 6 000 matches during the European Championship! It was the highest count of matches ever played at a table hockey tournament.

18 medals were awarded during the weekend. Czech Republic won 8 medals, Russia 5, Latvia 4 and Hungary 1 medal. The medal candidates from Finland and Sweden unfortunately didn’t arrive to Skalica.

List of medallist:
Open category: 1st Alexey Zakharov (RUS), 2nd Lukas Turon (CZE), 3rd Edgars Caics (LAT),
Team category: 1st Czech Republic, 2nd Russia, 3rd Latvia,
Junior category: 1st Edgars Caics (LAT), 2nd Lukas Turon (CZE), 3rd Michal Hvizd (CZE),
Ladies category: 1st Alexandra Belavina (RUS), 2nd Marie Vargova (CZE), 3rd Tereza Krausova (CZE),
Veteran category: 1st Pavel Plesak (CZE), 2nd Alexander Zaytsev (RUS), 3rd Alexander Kosyrev (RUS),
Ladies teams category: 1st Czech Republic, 2nd Latvia, 3rd Hungary.
ECh 2006 webpage, results of the European Championship, pictures from ECh, pictures at the Czech website.

Berlin Open, 20th May The 2nd edition of Berlin Open was be held on May 20 2006 in Central Berlin. Berlin Open was the final World Tour tournament organised this season. 51 players from 6 nations participated in Berlin. Norway's Øyvind Hansen defeated Sweden's Björn Söderström in an even and well-played final. In the semi-finals, Hansen defeated Pål Bakken, while Berlin's Soderstrom outplayed favourite Tore Lie.
Detail information can be found at tournament web page.

World Tour standings after the Berlin Open - final standings.

Budapest Open, 29th April 74 players came on 29th April to Budapest - a famous tourist destination in the heart of Hungary - to play at the Budapest Open. There were players from six countries. All medals came to the Czech Republic thanks to Petr Tmej, Jakub Sladek and David Smid. Complete results can be found at the tournament web page.

Bratislava Open, 30th April The 12th round of the World Table Hockey Tour 05/06, the most famous table hockey tournament in Slovakia, final round of Slovak Cup 05/06 and overhaul for European championship 2006 in Skalica - that all was Bratislava Open 2006, which was held on Sunday 30th April. 71 players from 6 contries participated. Ivan Zaharov showed why he was seeded as number one and won the tournament quite easily. Silver and bronze medal came to the Czech Republic - 2nd was Lukas Turon and 3rd Jakub Sladek. Complete results can be found at the tournament web page.

Czech Open, 8th April 117 participants from 10 nations came to Prague to play at the Czech Open, the final Big Six tournament of 2005/2006 season of WTHT. Jan Suchy proved who the best player in the Czech Republic right now is as he won at second Czech Cup tournament in a row. He also beat the winner from Moscow Cup Michal Hvizd 4:0 in quarterfinals. Stanislav Kraus took 2nd place and Lukas Turon (a leader of Czech Cup 2005/2006) was third in Prague. An interesting fact is that 5 Czech juniors finished among the best 8 players. Details can be found at the tournament web page.

Boston Challenge, 1st April F1 Boston Challenge was held on April 1. There was a thrilling conclusion to an awesome event on Saturday. 66 players battled and many new faces lit up with the thrill of North American tournament table hockey. A smooth, calculating and precise Kristian Iso-Tryykari beat Americas best Kenny Dubois in 6 games to once again bring the Boston Challenge Trophy home to Finland. Two years ago it was Markus Laakso. Lars Fridell from Sweden finished third. On Friday night Canada wrestled the Can-Am Challenge Cup from the US team in convincing fashion and they now have the cup until next year. Details can be found at the tournament web page.

Moscow Cup, 18th March Russian table hockey federation in association with Moscow committee of sport, Sprotmaster and Budweiser Budvar and ESPO represented 6th Moscow Cup. It was held on 18th March in sport center Mosckvitch, Moscow. There were 194 players from 9 countries. The tournament was won by Michal Hvizd (Czech Republic), 2nd was Yanis Galuzo (Russia) and 3rd Stefan Edwall (Sweden). Complete results can be found at tournament web page.

Oslo Open, 25th February The 10th edition of Oslo Open, Norway's main international table hockey tournament, was held on February 25, at the BLS Conference Center in Central Oslo. Oslo Open is organized by the Norwegian Table Hockey Association and is the 4th Big Six tournament organized this season as part of the World Table Hockey Tour. 72 players from eight countries participated. Stefan Edwall from Sweden won the tournament. Other medals remained at Norway thanks to Tore Lie and Daniel Remmem. Complete results can be found at tournament web page.

SM, Eskilstuna, 28th-29th January The Swedish Masters is the oldest, largest and best Stiga table hockey tournament in the world. The last weekend of January men and women, young and old, world champions and beginners travel from all over the world to Eskilstuna, Sweden, to experience the real festival of table hockey. On more than one hundred table hockey games will hundreds of players play thousands of games in seven different tournament classes. When the starting signal sounds Saturday morning, a glorious mix of people stands in front of the shining new games. Alexey Zaharov became the first non-swedish winner of the SM. The second was Stefan Edwall. Bronze medal was shared by Hans Osterman and Finn Fries. Results and detail information can be found at tournament web page.
Las Vegas, 9th January

The Let's Play Hockey International Table Hockey Championships presented by Stiga USA in Las Vegas, Nevada was held on January 9-10 at the palatial Paris Casino Resort, located dead center on the famous Las Vegas strip. This great international table hockey event was held in conjunction with Doug Johnson's Let's Play Hockey International Exposition, which has been held in Las Vegas since 1999. The winner was Jacob Lindahl (SWE), the second was Peter Ostlund (SWE) and the third Pontus Eriksson. Detail information can be found at tournament web page.

Riga Open, 10th December

The second Big Six Tournament was held at Latvia on 10th December. 104 players participated at Riga Open. Latvian star Edgars Caics beat Pontus Eriksson (SWE) at final 4:1. Bronze medal won Kristian Iso-Tryykari (FIN). Complete results, tournament web page.

Gatineau Challenge, 22nd October Gatineau Challenge - the first international tournament played ever at Canada was held on 22nd October. 41 players participated. Steve Bernstein won the title. Complete results can be found at tournament web page. Also a lot of photos is availabe..
Oresund Cup, 24th September Denmark hosted the first WT Tournament played ever on September 24th. Oresund Cup is one of the oldest and most prestigious table hockey tournaments in the world. The tournament was played for the first time in 1985 and has since been a part of the national Swedish table hockey league. 45 players from 6 nations participated this year. Hans Osterman won the title, the second was Petter Bengtsson and the third Peter Ostlund. Complete results can be found at tournament web page.

Helsinki Open, 17th September The World Table Hockey Tour started at Finland on 17th September. 86 players arrived to Helsinki. The most successful were representatives of Finland and Russia. Finnish junior star Roni Nuttunen beat Kristian Iso-Tryykari (winner of last EL season) at final. Bronze medal came to Russia thanks to Ivan Zakharov. Complete results can be found at tournament web page.
Calendar of tournaments taken under the control of the ITHF in 2005/2006
17th September- WTB6, Helsinki Open (FIN)web
24th September- WTHT, Öresund Cup, Helsingor (DEN)web
22nd October- WTHT, Gatineau (CAN)web
10th December- WTB6, Riga Open (LAT)web
9th January- WTHT, Las Vegas (USA)web
28th - 29th January- WTB6, Swedish Masters, Eskilstuna (SWE)web
25th February- WTB6, Oslo Open (NOR)web
18th March- WTB6, Moscow Cup (RUS)web
1st April- WTHT, F1 Boston Challenge (USA)web
8th April- WTB6, Czech Open, Prague (CZE)web
29th April- WTHT, Budapest Open (HUN) web
30th April- WTHT, Bratislava Open (SVK)web
20th May- WTHT, Berlin Open (GER) web
2nd - 4th June- ECh, Skalica (SVK)web

WTB6 = World Table Hockey Tour Big Six Tournament,
WTHT = World Table Hockey Tour Tournament,
ECh = European Championship.

PlaceWTB6 points system WTHT point system
1st150 p75 p
2nd140 p70 p
3rd130 p65 p
4th125 p63 p
5th120 p60 p
6th118 p59 p
7th116 p58 p
8th114 p57 p
9th110 p54 p
10th108 p53 p
11th106 p52 p
12th104 p51 p
13th102 p50 p
14ht100 p49 p
15th98 p48 p
16th96 p47 p
17th92 p44 p
18th90 p43 p
19th88 p42 p
20th86 p41 p
21st84 p40 p
22nd82 p39 p
23rd80 p38 p
24th78 p37 p
Each step from place 25 to 100, the points are diminished by one from 76 (36) to 1

World Table Hockey Tour logo
EuroLeague logo EuroLeague was played at seasons 2003/2004 and 2004/2005. Then it was replaced by World Table Hockey Tour. Final standings of EL 2003/04 and EL 2004/05 are available.

First season won Hans Osterman. Six tournaments were played, 508 players participated. Boston Open was added to the second season. Kristian Iso-Tryykari gain EL 04/05 title. 584 players took part in EuroLeague tournaments during that second.